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Who is Fortis:

At Fortis Channel Resources, we specialize in expanding our clients' businesses. Drawing on years of marketing and channel management experience, we skillfully identify market opportunities for expanding your business into current and new channels of distribution, and help you capture new sales.
Our channels of expertise include: office products; office equipment; K-12 school supply; college bookstores; janitorial and sanitation; industrial supply/MRO; and major general retailers.
Seeking to enter new channels of distribution? We have the market knowledge and contacts to bring your brand into new markets cost-effectively and on an established timeline. And because we understand these channels, we will help you avoid costly mistakes so that you reach your profitability goals faster.
Is there potential for greater sales and market share in your existing channels? We can add greater energy and focus to your current efforts, a greater respect from channel resellers, and a more profitable bottom line.
Does your company want to grow by pursuing new business strategies?  What about entering new product categories, finding new business partners, or even potential acquisition candidates? These are all scenarios where our skills can help you achieve your objectives.
At Fortis Channel Resources, our mission is clear – help our clients obtain new and profitable business, build their brands, and establish strong relationships with reseller partners. To find out how Fortis can help your business, contact us today at info@fortiscr.com.
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